VIO-LENCE recruits guitarist IRA BLACK for its summer 2022 European tour

San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal Veterans VIOLENCE recruited Ira Black (LIZZY BORDEN, METAL CHURCH) to play guitar for the band on their upcoming European tour. Black will replace to found VIOLENCE guitarist Phil Demmelwho is currently on the road with LAMB OF GOD as a temporary replacement for Willie Adler.

Earlier today (Thursday August 4),will go taken to his Facebook page to write: “Cats out of the bag! I’m going to replace my brotha Phil Demmel in VIOLENCE for the next dates 2022 from Brutal Assault Festival August 9, Alcatraz Metal Festival on the 13th, the South American race in September and the European winter tour! It’s going to be awesome and I’m really honored!

VIOLENCE are a legendary thrash band from the Bay Area and I’ve known them for many years. I had a great time learning Phil’s parts, rehearsals are going well, these guys are the real deal! I can’t wait to kill it for the VIOLENCE fans around the world. See you there!”

Demmel first confirmed that he would miss him VIOLENCE shows last March during an appearance on “Talking Bullshit”the monthly metal podcast hosted by ACID REIGN leader-turned-stand-up-comedian Howard H. Smith. Demmelwho at the time was touring the United States with SURPLUS as a temporary replacement for David Linsksaid: “There are VIOLENCE things to come that I won’t be able to be a part of because of the choices I make in my own career.

VIOLENCE was a secondary thing that we did. It was understood that I was doing other things and that would happen,” he continued. “They weren’t looking to do full-fledged tours, so trying to plan things out, it gets difficult. So there will be things I won’t do with VIOLENCEwhich is a bit heartbreaking in the sense that… I’m the only member of VIOLENCE who hasn’t missed a show. So yes there is a VIOLENCE club and there have been many former members. But I never left the band. I carried that torch the whole time and I hadn’t missed a show.”

Demmel went on to say that “it’s a selfish gesture ‘on his part’ to do these other things, but at 55, I don’t have to regret letting something go to do another thing that may or may not… It’s is difficult to explain. So I apologize in advance, if there will be a [VIO-LENCE] show that I won’t be there,” he said. “But I’m 55. I’m in the twilight – maybe the twilight of my musical career. You never know when anything can… A lot of peers that are… A lot die, man; they just left. And at this point in my career, I have to be a little selfish. And it can be hard to understand that other people are doing things that are not part of what VIOLENCE it’s… It’s emotional and it sucks, but it is what it is. It’s not like I’m missing the whole year or anything, but there will be times when I won’t be on stage with these guys, and it’s going to be weird. It’s like that.”

VIOLENCE just released a new EP, “Let the World Burn”Going through Metal blade discs. The collection of five songs, VIOLENCEthe first original release of since 1993 “Nothing to Gain”was followed at Trident Studios in Pacheco, CA by Juan Urteaga (MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS), mixed by Mar. Madsen (DARK PEACE, THE SKY WILL BURN) and mastered by Ted Jensen (CHAINED ALICE, ANGEL OF DEATH).

Established in 1985, VIOLENCE helped define and refine what would come to be known as his Bay Area, dropping three seminal albums before going their separate ways in 1993. Leaving behind a heady legacy, they briefly reformed a few times in the years that followed before becoming a full-time business. more in 2019. After playing a string of successful shows, the quintet have started brainstorming new music and will deliver “Let the World Burn”showcasing their first new material in 29 years.

Fill the ranks of the group on “Let the World Burn” next to Demmelsinger Sean Killian and original drummer Perry Strickland are old SURPLUS guitarist Bobby Gustafson and old THE FEAR FACTORY bass player Christian Old Wolbers.

VIOLENCE reunited shortly after Demmel left MACHINE HEAD end of 2018.

The cats come out of the bag! I will replace my brother Phil Demmel in Vio-lence for the next dates of 2022…

Posted by Ira Black on Thursday August 4th, 2022

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