Viral rapper dubbed the ‘White Lil Baby’ performs Rolling Loud Miami for the first time

Three weeks ago, a relatively unknown rapper named Lil Man J went viral when he released his music video for a song called Cap Freestyle. The young South Carolina emcee earned some fanfare for his raw performance, but what most people couldn’t help but notice were the striking similarities between his voice and the vocal cadences. by Lil Baby. In fact, the two musicians are so similar that at first glance, the only glaring difference that stands out is the fact that Lil Man J is White and Lil Baby is not. Hence, it earned him the nickname “White Lil Baby”.

“Is it a joke or is it serious?” Lil Baby asked via Instagram when he finally caught wind of Lil Man J’s growing social media presence earlier this month.

Indeed, Lil Man J isn’t just an overnight internet sensation, he’s dead serious. Along with releasing a music video that garnered nearly three million views in three weeks, the 17-year-old rapper recently performed at Rolling Loud Miami over the weekend. Lil Baby also performed during Rolling Loud Miami last weekend, but as of now, it’s unclear if the two rappers look alike or not.

Scroll up for a quick look at Rolling Loud Miami’s Lil Man J performance this past weekend.

Source: Instagram

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