Watch: The Faceless’ Michael Keene continues an incoherent rant on stage and starts the headliner two hours late

It’s no secret that The Faceless’ Michael Keene has had some issues in the past. The whole band quit around him in March 2018, and later that year he played a disastrous festival show where they showed up 10 hours late to their set and only played a handful of songs. Later that month, Keene was rushed to hospital with muscle spasms, forcing his new band to play as a quartet. One would hope this whole calamity would set Keene straight, but based on fan footage from the show last night in LA, he’s still a fucking mess.

Last night The Faceless was supposed to headline LA 1720 over Throne of Tyranny, A Fractured Thought and Ubiquity, but unfortunately things went horribly wrong. As you’ll see in fan-show footage from metal singer Eli Arnold’s Instagram Stories, Keene takes the stage 45 minutes after the band were supposed to start playing, and launches into a searing, incoherent rant about how he had a neurological disorder. and needed an MRI. Joining him on stage is former The Faceless drummer Aaron Stechauner, who practically begs Keene to put the shit up of the band and start the show, then continues to play a series of improvised drum fills in order to prevent people to leave.

As Arnold later said in his stories:

“So I ended up going home, because it was about an hour and a half later, and they still hadn’t set up their instruments at all, with no explanation as to why it was taking so long. So, yeah, I couldn’t see The Faceless tonight!

Arnold goes on to note that he heard the band kick off two hours late – by then he had already been home 10 minutes.

As our reader Ricky Bobby mentioned when he brought this to our attention (thanks, Ricky), Keene looks, quite simply, stoned. You could tell he actually had some kind of psychotic episode, but he doesn’t seem to be unhinged or emotionally charged, just super rambling and inconsistent and elevated.

We hope Michael gets the help he needs, but he needs to get it before he plays another show. It’s a huge insult to the people who paid to see him, to the bands that play alongside him and to his comrades.

Watch the video in Eli Arnold’s Instagram Stories, but here are some screenshots below:

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