Why Pat Benetar is no longer playing Hit Me With Your Best Shot

“I can’t say those words out loud with a smile on my face.”

You probably know Pat Benatar – he’s a rock and roll icon, famous for songs like ‘Love Is a Battlefield’, ‘We Belong’ and ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’.

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Well, Pat revealed to USA Today that she will no longer be performing her huge hit, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”

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Speaking of his tour’s set list, Pat said, “We have what we call the ’14 Saints’, songs that if we don’t play them you’ll give us a hard time.”

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But “Hit Me” — which features the lyrics “Hit me with your best shot, fire away” — isn’t in those 14.

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“I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, out of respect for the victims of the families of these mass killings, I’m not singing it,'” she continued.

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“I tell them, if you want to hear the song, go home and listen to it. [The title] is ironic, but you have to draw a line. I can’t say those words out loud with a smile on my face, I just can’t.”

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“I’m not going to go on stage and do the podium. I’m going to see my lawmakers. But it’s my little contribution to the protest. I’m not going to sing it,” she added. “Hard.”

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And it doesn’t look like Pat is moving anytime soon. You can read the rest of Pat’s Q&A with USA Today here.

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