Windsor Hills crash: Pregnant woman and unborn child identified by coroner as 2 of 6 victims killed in fiery pile-up in Windsor Hills

WINDSOR HILLS, Calif. (KABC) — On Friday, authorities identified a pregnant woman and her unborn child as two of six people who were killed in a fire crash after a speeding car ran a red light and slammed into cars in a crowded intersection of Windsor Hills.

Los Angeles County coroner officials said Asherey Ryan and her unborn son died in the collision.

Shortly after 1:30 p.m., a Mercedes-Benz sedan caused an accident involving up to six cars near a gas station, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Several people were ejected from cars and two vehicles caught fire. News footage from the scene showed the charred and mangled cars, as well as a child car seat among the debris covering the street.

Surveillance showed the Mercedes drove through an intersection, hitting at least two cars which burst into flames and were sent onto a sidewalk, slamming into the corner sign of the gas station. A fire sequence led to a car. A vehicle was cut in two.

“It looked like the whole intersection from corner to corner was on fire,” witness Harper Washington said. “Lots of sparks and electricity. I felt like, really at first, I thought they had dropped a bomb on us. I thought another world war had started. Then I realized it was a car in the panel.”

“Once the fire went out and the rumbling went away I realized there were two cars there. You could see people on fire and it’s just sad. I really pray for people and the community.”

Passers-by tried to help but struggled to deal with the flames.

Witness Alfonso Word choked up as he described seeing the pregnant woman and a child after the crash.

“It hurts. It’s true,” Word said. “Because I have a grandson. I know people who have children. For a mother to be pregnant…that child never had a chance.”

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