Wiz Khalifa slammed DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron in a swear-filled rant while on stage at a show in Los Angeles over the weekend. In a video of the incident circulating on social media, the rapper can be heard threatening the two DJs.

“B*tch ass n****, if you wanna fight, n**** we can do it,” Wiz says at the start of the clip. “All y’all niggas suck, don’t hug me, bitch. All y’all niggas suck, play my new shit, play it n****, play ‘Bad Ass B*tches’ You are all terrible DJs.

Wiz Khalifa
Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

While it’s unclear what sparked the rant, Khalifa at one point asks for DJs to play his new music.

He continues: “I came here tonight to promote for you all and have a good time and have a good time, but you know what I’m not going to do? I’m not gonna sit here and let these fuckin’ niggas act like this shit is okay. I’m a real asshole, my album just came out today. My album just came out today, play my new sh*t dawg.

At the end of the video, he appears to be pushing someone away from him, remarking, “Step away, I don’t like you man.”

Khalifa’s latest album, Multiverse was released on Friday, featuring appearances from THEY and Girl Talk.

Check out a video of Khalifa’s rant below.